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Self Awareness & Self Regulation

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

This episode is the second in a series of excerpts from Daniel Goleman’s recent conversation with Mirabai Bush, developer of the Working With Mindfulness trainings. Today, we’ll feature part of their discussion focusing on self awareness and self regulation.

Working With Mindfulness: Coping With Change

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Working With Mindfulness, the new audio release by Mirabai Bush, is a collection of mindfulness trainings for the workplace. Bush has led trainings at organizations including Hearst Publications, Monsanto, and Google, and was a key contributor to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum. This episode of the podcast features a guided practice she designed to help people cope with change at work. Find a comfortable place to listen as Bush leads you through the technique.

Learning Emotional Intelligence: The Importance Of Practice

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Fresh off her experience bringing mindfulness training to Google’s Search Inside Yourself program, Mirabai Bush sat down with Daniel Goleman to address some of the questions her students asked about emotional intelligence. This episode of the podcast features an excerpt from their conversation.

Bringing The Soul Back To School

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast.

This episode features an excerpt from the  Bridging Hearts and Minds of Youth conference, developed by University of California San Diego’s Center For Mindfulness, along with Stressed Teens. The conference was held in San Diego, in February of 2012, and this excerpt comes from Nimrod Sheinman’s breakout session, Bringing The Soul Back To School: Lessons Learned From Over 15 Years Of Teaching Mindfulness And Mind-Body Health In Israile Schools.