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Mindful Driving

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Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Most of us find it difficult to be fully present in the moment when we’re driving; we focus on our destination instead of our journey. With her CD Awake At The Wheel, Vipissana meditation teacher Michelle McDonald has created a path to transform the distracted, frustrated driving experience, and take advantage of the rich space it provides for mindfulness practice. This episode features an exercise from Awake At The Wheel so, if you’re able, load this one onto your .mp3 player and take it with you on your next drive.

Using Auto Suggestion to Relax

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast.

Daniel Goleman’s research at Harvard focused on methods that counter the impact of stress. He drew on this experience to develop Relax, a 45-minute audio program that can help listeners learn to naturally reduce stress. This week’s podcast features one of those methods. So find a comfortable place to listen, as Goleman leads you through his auto suggestion technique.

Goleman will be discussing this and other techniques with Mirabai Bush during a webinar next Wednesday, December 19th, at 4:00 pm. You can sign up to join the free webinar here.

Working With Mindfulness Webinar Series, Part 3

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

This episode is the third installment in a series from Mirabai Bush‘s recent webinar with Dr. Richard Davidson. Bush and More Than Sound have begun conducting monthly webinars exploring mindfulness in the workplace, and beyond.

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