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Finding Time For Mindfulness

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On a recent episode of the Knowledge at Wharton podcast, in which Mirabai Bush was the guest, Katherine Klein raised an issue that can feel quite common when it comes to mindfulness- simply finding the time for it. In response, Bush shared a few examples of how little time it can actually take, and some overlooked ways in which people can incorporate mindfulness, and its benefits, into their busy lives.


Mirabai Bush, On The Founding Of The Center For Contemplative Mind In Society

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Working With Mindfulness creator Mirabai Bush has said that, when she returned to the United States after years of living in India, she wanted to live a life and create an environment that would be informed by buddhist wisdom. Much has come from her effort to do so, and she recently spoke with Ted Meissner about the history and focus of some of her projects on an episode of the Secular Buddhist Podcast. One of them is the Center For Contemplative Mind in Society, which she cofounded.

Being At Peace With Food Webinar, Part 3

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast.

During each of the webinars we host here at More Than Sound, participants have the opportunity to ask questions. When Being At Peace With Food creator Brandt Passalacqua hosted, he found that many of the questions addressed to him had a common theme. This episode of the podcast is our third and final installment of excerpts from that webinar, and in it Passalacqua addresses some common challenges, and successes, experienced by people working to establish a better relationship with food.

Being At Peace With Food Webinar, Part 2

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast.

Regular listeners will recall hearing, from a few different guests, about the importance of breath, and it’s relation to different practices. In Brandt Passalacqua’s More Than Sound webinar, he explained how integral it is to the process of being at peace with food. This episode features that portion, and concludes with a short exercise. If you’re unfamiliar, or uncomfortable with breathwork, you may find lying down to be the easiest position to try this particular practice.

You can find more exercises designed to help you be at peace with food on Passalacqua’s new CD, Being At Peace With Food.

Being At Peace With Food Webinar, Part 1

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast.

Coinciding with the release of his new CD, Being At Peace With Food, Brandt Passalacqua conducted a webinar with More Than Sound. To him, the CD is intended to help you develop a method to find your way out of whatever sticky situation you may find yourself in with food. In the webinar, Passalacqua lays out how best to aproach that process. In this podcast we’re featuring his introduction to the material, and it concludes with a brief exercise.