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Ep. 114: Goleman & Terrence McNally Discuss Focus, 2

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

This week, we’re featuring an excerpt from Daniel Goleman‘s appearance on Terence McNally’s Free Forum podcast. Picking up where our last episode left off, the conversation shifted to outer focus, and the scientific developments behind the research shared in Goleman’s book, Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence.

Ep. 113: Goleman & Terrence McNally Discuss Focus

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Daniel Goleman┬árecently spent an hour talking with Terence McNally, for his Free Forum podcast. In this excerpt from their conversation, the two explore the roots of Goleman’s work studying emotional intelligence, how that lead to his new book, and how focus, in the moment, is an important part of long-term planning.