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Daniel Goleman’s “The Focused Leader” Wins HBR McKinsey Award

Best-selling author and psychologist Daniel Goleman is the 2013 HBR McKinsey Award winner for his article “The Focused Leader,” which was adapted from his book Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. A synopsis of that section on leadership is available in Dr. Goleman’s new collection What Makes a Leader: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters. The book is a compilation in one volume of Dr. Goleman’s groundbreaking, highly sought-after Harvard Business Review articles and other business journal writings.

The award-winning article sheds new light on how leaders can direct their most valuable resource – their attention. Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, Goleman argues that leaders must cultivate a higher level of awareness about what truly matters, and demonstrates how they can do so through various methods of attention-training.

Since 1959, the HBR McKinsey Awards have recognized practical and groundbreaking management thinking. “It shows how important a leader’s focus is today,” said Daniel Goleman.



Ep. 115: Daniel Siegel and the Teenaged Brain

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

This week, we’ll hear from Daniel Siegel, who’s concept of mindsight is a familiar one to longtime listeners. In his new book, Brainstorm, the teenaged brain takes center stage. This excerpt from his recent appearance on Iowa Public Radio’s River to River, starts with a re-framing of the way we often think about parent and teenager relationships, and from there Siegel covers quite a bit of ground with host Ben Kieffer.