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Ep. 122: Daniel Goleman, on The Triple Focus

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In the upcoming release, The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education, Peter Senge and Daniel Goleman provide educators with a solid rationale for incorporating focus-related skill sets in the classroom. The two conducted a webinar recently to discuss the three types of focus they describe in the book: self awareness, empathy, and an understanding of our relationship with the world around us. In this episode of the podcast we’ll share an excerpt featuring Daniel Goleman.




The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education


Consider this: most American children have never known a world without Internet. And in more and more parts of the world, most children under 10 never knew a time where there wasn’t a handheld device they could tune in to… and tune out the people around them. Kids are growing up in a very different world today, one that will change even more as technology evolves.

But the changes will go beyond technology. These kids are also growing up in a culture facing unprecedented social and emotional challenges they will need to address. The Triple Focus is your guide to prepare them.

What are the tools that we might give kids today that will help them on this journey?

In The Triple Focus, Peter Senge and Daniel Goleman describe the three types of focus needed to navigate a fast-paced world of increasing distraction and endangered person-to-person engagement.

Dr. Goleman makes the case for teaching children the first two types of focus: self-awareness and self-management; and empathy and social skills. He offers case studies and research proving how these skills benefit both personal development and academic performance. And he shares examples of how some schools are already teaching their students these vital skills.

Dr. Senge explains systems thinking: analyzing the dynamics of when I do this, the consequence is that, and how to use these insights to enhance learning. Peter also reveals the innovative systems thinking skills being taught in schools today, and what this reveals about the innate systems intelligence of children.

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Ep. 121: Cultivating Focus – Sensory Focus

Welcome to the More Than Sound podcast.

Daniel Goleman created three CD’s of exercises geared toward improving focus, to complement his newest book, Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence. One for kids, one for teens, and one for adults. This episode features an exercise from Cultivating Focus, the CD for adults. So find a comfortable place to listen, and practice Sensory Focus.