Claudio Fernández-Aráoz

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz serves as the senior adviser to Egon Zehnder after 30 years of experience in talent consulting, hiring, promotion decision, and leadership assessment and development. At Egon Zehnder, Fernández-Aráoz has interviewed over 20,000 executives in over 40 countries. He frequently lectures at Harvard Business School and business gatherings across the world. He has also been on counsel to CEO’s to some of the world’s largest companies and governmental leaders.

Claudio’s writing has appeared in the Harvard Business Review (Notable: Hiring Without Firing, The Definitive Guide to Recruiting in Good Times and Bad, How to Hang On To Your High Potentials, 21st Century Talent Spotting). Before joining the team at Egon Zehnder, he worked at McKinsey & Company in Europe. He earned his Masters in Science and Industrial Engineering from the Argentine Catholic University, and an MBA from Stanford, where he graduated with honors as an Arjay Miller Scholar.

At More Than Sound, Fernández-Aráoz is a conversationalist in The Executive Edge: An Insider’s Guide to Outstanding Leadership, a long book containing Daniel Goleman’s in-depth conversations with respected leaders in executive management, organizational research, workplace psychology, negotiation, and senior hiring. The Executive Edge examines the best practices of top-performing executives. It offers practical guidance for developing the distinguishing competencies that make a leader outstanding.

Every leader needs threshold abilities to get by at work. But in today’s complex business landscape, getting by isn’t enough. It’s the distinguishing competencies that are crucial for success. You need elements that will give you “the executive edge.”

He is also a featured speaker in Daniel Goleman‘s Leadership: A Master Class (DVD, Streaming Video, Training Guide). Fernández-Aráoz and Goleman explain the world-class best practices for senior hiring, executive searches, interviewing, committee searches, and EI testing in Talent Strategy

Leadership: A Master Class is also available in the C-Suite Toolkit bundle, along with What Makes a Leader a Leader by Goleman and Resonant Leadership by Richard Boyatzis.

Other Publications

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