Teresa Amabile


Teresa Amabile is the Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration and director of research in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School. Her initial education was in chemistry before she transitioned to psychology at Stanford University, where she earned her doctorate.

Her main interest in what truly makes workers happy, productive, and motivated, and her most recent work is concerned with how the work environment affects creativity. The research initiative identified the impact daily events have on the workers in organizations, and how implementing a specific routine can enhance creativity. Their findings have been published in management publications and scholarly journals, and a book for business practitioners summarizing their results is in progress.

Teresa earned a place in Thinkers50 twice, as well as being shortlisted for both the Breakthrough Idea award and the Innovation award. She serves on the editorial boards for the Creativity Research Journal, Creativity and Innovation Management, and the Journal of Creative Behavior. Teresa has been the guest speaker on a number of TEDx talks, as well as for many management organizations and corporations.

Teresa is a guest lecturer on Daniel Goleman‘s Leadership: A Master ClassHer segment, Create To Innovate, details the latest research behind creativity and innovation, and how leaders can encourage these factors in their organizations by creating and growing positive inner work lives for employees.

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