Thriving On Change

Welcome to Thriving on Change!

The objective of our free Introductory Module is to give you the chance to sample the course material and become familiar with the interface. Here are a few notes on what to expect.

Watch and Learn
  • In this Introductory Module, you will watch 7 videos, ranging in length from 3-15 minutes.
  • As you watch the videos, don’t worry about taking notes. Key Points will be provided under each video, and a PDF containing all Key Points is available for download at the bottom of each lesson, and at the end of the module. (You will receive a collection of Key Points for all 8 modules when you enroll in Thriving on Change.)
How to Navigate
  • Your progress within the module will be displayed in two places:
    • vertically on the right side of your screen
    • horizontally at the top of your screen
  • As you mark complete each lesson within the module, its corresponding circle will change from gray to green.
  • You cannot progress to the next lesson until you have finished watching a video or selected “Mark Complete” below an exercise. But you may go back to lessons you have already watched or completed.
Other Features
  • In addition to video, the Introductory Module includes animation, a check-in, an audio practice, and a written reflection as you begin your Change Case Study. (The rest of the course will also include discussion forums, worksheets, reading downloads, and poster downloads.)

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