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    Leadership: A Master Class Training Guide

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    Daniel Goleman’s Leadership: A Master Class is now offered with comprehensive, customizable training materials to cultivate superior management skills.

    Publishers HRD Press and More Than Sound have partnered to develop a comprehensive trainers guide based on Daniel Goleman’s video series, Leadership: A Master Class, which examines the best practices of top-performing executives. The collection offers more than nine hours of research findings, case studies and valuable industry expertise through in-depth interviews with respected leaders in executive management, leadership development, organizational research, workplace psychology, innovation, negotiation and senior hiring. HRD Press crafted an extensive, detailed training guide around the video content for human resources professionals, senior managers and executive coaches. Each module offers individual and group exercises, self-assessments, discussion guides, review of major points, and key actionable takeaway plans. The materials allow for instructor-led, self-study or online learning opportunities.
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    The Coaching Program

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    The Coaching Program is an online streaming learning series for executives, highlighting methods for enhancing any leader or manager's effectiveness, creativity, and ability to connect with their teams.