Leading the Necessary Revolution & The Radical Horizon


This special offer combines The Radical Horizon: A Primer on Business Sustainability with (Dara O’Rourke and Gregory Norris) and Leading the Necessary Revolution: Building Alignment in Your Business for Sustainability (with Peter Senge) in an important audio exploration of sustainability hosted by Daniel Goleman.

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Sustainability is the biggest business opportunity in 50 years – it’s starting now, and the landscape will never be the same. Some managers clearly see their chance to be ahead of this curve. The single biggest challenge facing them now is creating alignment – explaining their vision in a compelling, motivational way.
Leading the Necessary Revolution will help you seize this unprecedented opportunity.
  • Getting key decision-makers on board, and to take the next steps
  • Avoiding common errors of sustainability advocates
  • Finding and bridging gaps in mental models
  • Building hybrid synthesis with NGOs, governments, and other businesses
Peter Senge is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also Founding Chair of the Society for Organizational Learning, a global community of corporations, researchers, and consultants committed to increase our capacity to collectively realize our highest aspirations and productively resolve our differences through the mutual development of people and institutions. The Journal of Business Strategy named him a “Strategist of the Century”. His books include the seminal “The Fifth Discipline” and his newest book on sustainability, “The Necessary Revolution”.
The Radical Horizon: A Primer on Business Sustainability will help you understand the coming shifts to marketplace transparency:
Companies are under increasing pressure to evaluate and reconsider their sustainability on an unprecedented scale. Wal-Mart has moved to the forefront of this revolution in retail, and at their recent private brands meeting they gave all those in attendance this CD. Why? Because it’s the most informed and best available primer on the demand for transparent products and processes, and how to evaluate ecological upgrades. An easy to use must-listen for anyone trying to understand the radical shifts happening in everything we make and buy. With renowned industrial ecologists Dara O’Rourke and Gregory Norris.

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Peter Senge: 2010 Systems Thinking in Action Conference Preview

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