The Focused Leader


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As part of our HR and EI Collection, The Focused Leader program was created to assist leaders at all levels develop an authentic management style through learning:

  • techniques for improving focus
  • emotional self-regulation skills
  • the “triple focus” approach to leadership: awareness of your inner world, the emotional states of others, and the larger systems in which you operate.

The Focused Leader is a must-have resource for any human resource library.


About The Focused Leader

Attune: The Role of Focus in Authentic Leadership  by Daniel Goleman and Bill George

Attune is a 40-minute streaming video conversation between Daniel Goleman and Bill George about the three kinds of focus that are essential for enhancing your ability to give feedback, motivate people, and respond to changing situations in your environment.

Authentic Leadership by Bill George and Daniel Goleman

In this hour-long video, Goleman and George explain the authentic style of leadership – how leaders can motivate and drive performance through understanding and mastery of the self and connecting with the passion of others. Includes Authentic Leadership; The Inner Work of Leaders; Leading with Ethics; Feeling the Mission; Today’s Leaders; Spotting Authenticity.

The Leader’s Mind by Daniel J. Siegel and Daniel Goleman

In this hour-long video, Siegel and Goleman explain the brain processes behind the most essential aspects of EI and leadership – Self-Mastery, Self-Awareness, and Resonance – and how leaders can use this understanding to optimize their leadership style. Includes The Brain and Emotional Intelligence; The Truth Behind Gut Feelings; Self-Mastery Explained; The Science of Motivation and Change; Self-Awareness and The Leader; Understanding The Inner World of Others; Creating Resonant Relationships.

Cultivating Focus: Techniques for Excellence by Daniel Goleman

To answer the call for practical techniques to increase focus, Dr. Goleman created this series of guided exercises to help people of all ages hone their concentration, stay calm and better manage emotions. Audio download.

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