Ethics In Leadership

Welcome to the More Than Sound Podcast. In this episode, Daniel Goleman talks about ethics in leadership with Anthony Gell of the Business Voice.

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Anthony Gell- Daniel, you talk a lot about ethical leadership. Can you explore that with us, and tell us what do you mean by that?

Daniel Goleman- One of the implicit tasks of a leader is to set ethical norms. And by ethical norms we don’t mean some high falluting ethical code, we mean how people are with each other day to day. What are the ground rules for our interacting? Are we going to be honest, or not so honest? Are we going to be open with people about problems we have with them or just gossip about them behind their back. If you’re open and put it out on table, and do it in positive and collaborative way, you can settle those differences and get on with the work. If not, if you just start developing little cliques and this person is against that person, it’s a disaster for the working environment. So, in other words, the leader’s ethical task is to be an exemplar, to show how to do this, to model this and encourage others to follow those norms, and to praise them when they do, and draw a line when they don’t.